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Get the same professional unemployment hearing representation that major corporations spend thousands of dollars a year for, even if you only have a few employees.

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These days most unemployment hearings are by telephone.  This eliminates the hearing officer's ability to observe a claimant's nervousness, lack of eye contact and other telling behaviors.  You must now make a better case and do it verbally. If the hearing officer can't follow your presentation of evidence and testimony, you will likely lose your case.

Most hearings are lost, not because they lack merit, but because facts are left out, necessary witnesses are not utilized or the case is not presented clearly.  Failure to follow proper hearing procedures can damage your credibility.

You can put your trust in Cost Control Services!  Located near Columbus OH, we have served employers nation wide for nearly 18 years.  Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in unemployment claims and hearings experience.

We know how to present your case in the most efficient and productive way.  We know which witnesses to call, in which order, and how to present your documents in the proper order.


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Statistics show....

Employers fight only 81% of unemployment claims

Employers lose nearly 25% of CLAIMANT appeals

Employers lose over 40% of EMPLOYER appeals

An employer's potential liability per lost unemployment claim averages over $2500

Employers lack proper documentation in 30% of their cases

Employers who represent themsleves lose over 40% of their hearings

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