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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the best way to avoid unemployment claims?

A:  Proper pre-employment screening is the best way to minimize your risk.  Applicants who have been trouble for other employers will likely be a problem for YOU. Proper documentation of all offenses and/or warnings will help stop claims at the initial level.

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Q:  Why does it matter if we lose or don’t appeal claims?

A:  UC Taxes are based on the first several thousand dollars of each employee’s earnings. The amount varies by state, but nearly all states also take into account your claims experience over the past three years. Allowed claims equate to higher taxes.

:  We don’t have an employee handbook. How does this affect us in a hearing?

A:  It is very difficult to prove that an employee broke a rule if you can't prove you have rules.

  We have a Human Resources Department.  Why do we need you?

A Knowing which evidence and testimony to use and in which order can make or break your case.  A fact left out or a statement made incorrectly can be a deal breaker.  Cost Control Services specializes in this arena and attends hundreds of hearings each year.  Our knowledge of procedure, UC case law, the presentation of evidence and testimony and knowing the quirks in UC law from states to state is the difference between winning and losing hearings.

:  Can our Human Resources person testify at all of our hearings?

A:  Any company representative can testify at your hearings. However, only those with first hand knowledge should testify. Any other testimony will be considered hearsay and not given much weight, if any.  If a claimant denies an allegation by hearsay, the hearing officer will most likely believe the claimant, whose testimony is first hand.

:  I don’t have any documentation. Can I still win my hearing?

A:  Yes, but it is much more difficult. Without documentation, it is vital that first hand witnesses testify. Hearsay testimony in a case lacking documentation seldom results in a win for the employer.  A qualified representative will be able to structure your presentation and ask the proper questions in the best possible light.

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