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You will learn:

    What to say and how to say it

    Documenting to win

The process:
    How unemployment works

    What you need
    How to prepare
    How to present your case

Learn how to enforce your rules and policies and document disciplinary action in compliance with the rules of evidence used by state unemployment agencies.

Located near Columbus OH, the Cost Control Services staff has over 50 years experience in training front line supervisors and have represented our clients in thousands of hearings.  You will learn how the claim process works and how the handling of discipline affects an unemployment claim.

Stop the pattern of losing  unemployment cases!

Unemployment cases are won or lost long before an employee leaves your company.

If you are a small or medium sized business, two or three unnecessary claims can easily push you into the next higher unemployment tax bracket.

One business in Ohio with three employees recently had their first unemployment claim ever and the claimant was allowed benefits.  This ONE claim caused a $3000 increase in their UC tax the following year.

Most employers who lose unemployment cases do so because supervisors do not understand how to document employee discipline in accordance with unemployment rules for disqualification of claims.

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